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Incorporated in 1989, Japanese American World War II veterans established the 100th/442nd/MIS WWII Memorial Foundation, now the Go For Broke National Education Center, to build the Go For Broke Monument. Today it is an eternal tribute to the U.S. Constitution and unwavering patriotism of the segregated Japanese American units: 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, MIS (Military Intelligence Service), 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, 232nd Combat Engineer Company, and 1399th Engineering Construction Battalion and the many other men and women who served overseas during World War II.

The Monument, the first of its kind on the mainland U.S., includes more than 16,000 names of Japanese American soldiers and officers who served overseas during World War II. It was unveiled in June 1999 and is located in downtown Los Angeles at Temple and Alameda streets.

With the completion of the Go For Broke Monument, the organization transitioned its focus on education, establishing itself with a new vision and mission as the Go For Broke National Education Center. Go For Broke today focuses on providing a place and means by which all people can share their stories and recognize how the legacy of their lives contributes to the great American ideals of freedom and equal opportunity for all.

To meet this vision, Go For Broke offers programs to educate students and teachers of the history of Japanese American soldiers of World War II, the Japanese American incarceration, and the civil liberties issues raised by these events. Currently, Go For Broke offers several programs to educate the public on this important time in history, including: An American Story Teacher Training Program, Hanashi Oral History Program, Resource Center, Go For Broke Monument,, and other media projects, including the documentary "A Tradition of Honor."

As Go For Broke programs raise the public's awareness of the WWII Japanese American veteran history, it is also preparing to build a place where visitors can come to further explore what the veteran's sacrifices mean to America. This place, the future headquarters and public education center, will be located adjacent to the Go For Broke Monument and ensure this important part of American history is never forgotten.

We must never forget.

The Go For Broke National Education Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.