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Ziad Ahmed

Ziad Ahmed (16) from Princeton, NJ

My Mission
My goal is to use education to defy harmful stereotypes, redefine negative perceptions of others, embrace acceptance of all groups, and create an active community. I want to defeat ignorance and intolerance through education!

My Actions
I have always been someone who has spoken out against injustice. I realized in middle school that the majority of the injustice I experienced or learned about did not stem from hate, but rather from ignorance. I started an organization, redefy (, the summer before my 9th grade year. Redefy aims to defeat this ignorance through education. Many people are excluded, ostracized, and discriminated against in our society because of unfair stereotypes. I created redefy to address the evils of stereotypes and to end the discrimination that they cause.

Finding Courage
I would not call myself courageous, but I think it is often very difficult to veer from the norm. It is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and sometimes terrifying to be different. It is hard to call people out, defend what you believe, and advocate constantly. But I will not remain silent. I will remain steadfast in my advocacy of justice for all, and I wouldn't call it courage because I genuinely believe that it is my duty. It has not always been easy to be a voice for change, but it has always been and always will be what I am meant to do.

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