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Alexandria Pinkleton

Alexandria Pinkleton (21) from Charlottesville, VA

My Mission
I strive to break the silence surrounding gender violence and to prevent sexual assault. I am especially focused on preventing rape on college campuses.

My Actions
I have spoken out in many national and local interviews, and I have written an article for TIME magazine about my own experience of sexual assault. I try to provide greater context to the issue and offer strategies on how to prevent rape on college campuses. I have led a group called One Less at the University of Virginia, and we focus on prevention through education and advocacy. We have given bystander intervention and survivor support presentations to over 1,250 first-year students. We were also able to sit and speak with Senator Tim Kaine and inspire him to create the Teach Safe Relationships Act.

Finding Courage
In the fall of 2014, an article in Rolling Stone magazine brought national attention to rape on college campuses. The debate became hostile, politicized, and divisive. The responsibility fell on the shoulders of myself and my fellow peer advocates to better educate the public about preventing rape and sexual violence. Speaking out about my own story was important to put a face to the problem, but it took some courage to do so, especially during such a hostile time.

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