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Hanashi Oral History Program

The mission of the Hanashi ("to talk") Oral History Program is to gather and preserve the life stories of Japanese American war veterans. Since 1998, the program has collected more than 1,245 interviews of Nisei veterans of World War II as well as their contemporaries in the war effort.

These oral histories provide valuable insight into the war experience that cannot be conveyed by official records alone. They capture the feelings and textures of experiences that are as varied as the individuals who lived through them.

The Hanashi Oral History Program gives voice to those who until now may have had little opportunity, motivation, or desire to share their stories. It also allows the Nisei generation to connect with younger generations.

Their testimonies reveal as much about historical events as about issues that continue to face our nation today, like the importance of civil liberties and racial tolerance.

It is through this vital collection that the contributions of Japanese American war veterans live on.

  • VIEW "Hanashi: Preserving a Legacy," an 8-minute overview of the program.
  • SEARCH The Hanashi Oral History Archives of interviews and transcripts.
  • EXPERIENCE Digital media about the Japanese American war veterans.
  • JOIN US Volunteer as a crew member and take part in preserving history.

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