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To educate and inspire character and equality through the virtue and valor of our World War II American veterans of Japanese ancestry.


Go For Broke Monument 24th Anniversary Virtual Tribute

Join us virtually on Saturday, June 3 at 2:00 P.M. on Facebook and YouTube for this hallmark community event commemorating the anniversary of the Go For Broke Monument. This striking dedication honors the courage, patriotism and sacrifice of the Nisei soldiers of WWII. We invite you to become a 2023 Go For Broke Monument Anniversary Sponsor and make a Veteran Floral Tribute and/or place an “Honor A Veteran” Digital Tribute.

National Torchbearers Program

In the face of racial discrimination and doubt, the veterans demonstrated the wisdom of America’s promise, which is that in our nation, no one is to be judged by the color of their skin, the nation of their origin, or the faith they choose to keep. To ensure that the soldiers’ legacy will be carried by future generations, GFBNEC aims to pass the torch of the Go For Broke spirit by way of the National Torchbearers Program (NTP).

Go For Broke Journalism Institute

Piloted in the summer of 2022, GFBNEC and the Asian American Journalist Association – LA Chapter shared the Japanese American WWII soldiers’ story with LAUSD’s Downtown Business Magnets High School students, and also provided first-rate journalistic instruction. We invite you to watch our newest video featuring the participating students and journalists.

Watch our new virtual programming!

Heroes Among Us: Stories of Courage, Patriotism & Sacrifice

Medal of Honor Recipient Pvt. Joe Hayashi

Sharing Stories Around the Table

New Perspectives from the Los Angeles Torchbearers

Living the Nisei Dream


Go For Broke Monument

The Go For Broke Monument stands as a powerful tribute to Japanese American men and women who served during WWII. The black granite monument is engraved with the names of the more than 16,000 who served in 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Military Intelligence Service, 522 Field Artillery Battalion, 232nd Combat Engineer Company and the 1399 Engineer Construction Battalion in Europe and the Pacific.

Hanashi Oral History Collection

Search the world’s largest collection of over 1,200 audiovisual interviews of Japanese American WWII veterans. Since 1988, the Hanashi Collection has shed light upon the war experience that cannot be conveyed by official records alone. 

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Here’s a way to show your support and bring a little piece of GFBNEC right to your home. Members save 10%.

2021 Major Sponsors

We thank our major donors for their generous support of our vital mission and work!

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