Past Exhibitions

Virtual Series
Heroes Among Us: Stories of Courage, Patriotism & Sacrifice Featuring expanded stories from GFBNEC’s Hanashi Oral History Collection highlighting the with more in-depth examples of valor, character and selfless acts of the Japanese American WWII veterans as they fought for equality.

Lieutenant John R. Fox

Incident at Bamber Bridge

The Six Triple Eight

The Black Panthers of the 761st Tank Battalion

Fernando Sosa Masuda

Living the Nisei Dream

Featuring up close conversations by “nex gen” hosts who will explore what the Nisei veterans endured and accomplished to ensure that future generations have the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions.

Kaze Jones and Irene Tsukada Simonian

Coming Soon…

Akashi Kama and Japangeles

Sharing Stories Around the Table

Featuring intimate conversations, hosted by GFBNEC President & CEO Mitch Maki, about the significance and meaning of the Japanese American WWII veteran story from an intergenerational, multi-ethnic perspective.

Coming Soon…

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