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In the face of racial discrimination and doubt, the young Japanese American soldiers of WWII demonstrated the wisdom of America’s Promise, which is that in our nation, no one is to be judged by the color of their skin, the nation of their origin, or the faith they choose to believe. GFBENC provides a space for the Torchbearers to engage in civic dialogue, service learning opportunities and community building across the nation. The program encourages young people to apply the Go For Broke spirit through dialogue and social action. 

National Torchbearers

The GFBNEC National Torchbearers are community engaged young adults who are locally and nationally involved and committed to the Go For Broke spirit and legacy. They host and engage in a number of service and experiential learning activities throughout while applying the values of America’s Promise to contemporary issues of today through public programming and outreach. 

Torchbearer Fellowship Program

Go For Broke National Education’s (GFBNEC) National Torchbearer Program is a new major initiative launched in 2023. This innovative initiative establishes a diverse national community of young adults (ages 21–30) who participate in a year-long series of unique programming centered around identity and contemporary social dynamics as Torchbearer Fellows. Specifically, GFBNEC and the Los Angeles Torchbearers collaborate with organizational partners on Oahu, Maui, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, and Middlebury College to develop a space for young adults to Listen, Empathize, and Engage with each other around social dynamics that individuals and communities experience across the nation. Such dynamics include topics of privilege, discrimination, and collaboration. Upon completion of the Fellowship, the participants will be invited to continue the work as National Torchbearers! 


Program experiences include: 

  • Program Kickoff: National Convening in Los Angeles 
  • Regional-based programming and project 
  • National Community Exchange and Visitation 
  • Social connectedness on a local and national scale. 

Current National Partners


Emilko Kranz

Chicago TB

San Fran TB

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