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Hanashi Oral History Collection

The Hanashi (“to talk” in Japanese) Oral History Collection contains over 1,200 audiovisual  interviews with Japanese Americans WWII veterans, along with their contemporaries of WWII and the Japanese American experience. These interviews capture the story of a historically underrepresented group and provide valuable insight into the Japanese American WWII experience and, specifically, Japanese American military service.

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For questions regarding use or licensing of content from the interviews, email [email protected]

Special Collections

To complement the Hanashi Oral History Collection, GFBNEC has supplemented its archival holdings with collections of photographs, manuscripts and memorabilia that document the story of the Japanese American experience during WWII and, specifically, Japanese American military service.

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Request Information

For those seeking information on a family member who served in the military, refer to the links to learn how to request information.

Military records through the National Personnel Records Center

Additional Resources

Donate an item(s) to GFBNEC

Do you have any family photographs, letters, awards and certificates or other materials relating to your family member who served in WWII?  Contact us at [email protected] if you are considering donating materials. Not sure what a donation entails?  Please see the Society of American Archivists’ guide to donating family records.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GFBNEC has suspended the donation of items to the collection. We appreciate your consideration of us and hope you will reach out to us in the future.

Permission to Use

To request permission to use materials from the GFBNEC Collections for either commercial or non-commercial use, a request must be submitted here. There is no usage fee if the material is used for educational and non-commercial use only; for commercial use, fees are applicable. For questions including fee schedule, contact [email protected].

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