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100th Infantry Battalion, also 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) The first group of Japanese American World War II combat infantry soldiers originating from Hawaii, formed from the ranks of the 298th and 299th Infantries of the Hawaii National Guard. Officially activated on the docks of Oakland, California, on June 12, 1942, the 100th carved out an exemplary military record during their service in the European Theater, paving the way for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which arrived later. The “Separate” designation indicates that the battalion was not attached to a larger regiment.
1399 Engineer Construction Battalion The 1399 Engineer Construction Battalion was an all Japanese American military unit stationed in Hawaii during World War II. Activated on April 26, 1944, at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, the unit constructed vital military defense installations, including a half-million-gallon water tank, jungle-training villages, artillery emplacements, ammunition storage pits, water systems, warehouses, a Flying Fortress airfield, auxiliary roads, and rest camps.
232nd Combat Engineer Company The 232nd Combat Engineer Company was activated on February 7, 1943, at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The unit was responsible for keeping communication and transportation lines open for the regiment for supply needs and for combat. To this end, the men both built and destroyed bridges and roads, and both cleared mines and laid mines for defense purposes. 
4-C Classification “Enemy non-alien” classification. About three months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, all Japanese Americans were deemed “enemy non-aliens” and therefore prohibited from military service. 
4-F Classification Classification that denotes a person is unfit to serve in the US Military. 
442nd Regimental Combat Team A US Army regiment made up of Japanese Americans from Hawaii and mainland incarceration camps. Activated at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, on February 7, 1943, the 442nd fought in Italy, France and Germany. Its most noted accomplishments include the rescue of the “Lost Battalion” and the liberation of survivors of a death march near Waarkirchen, Germany. The 442nd together with the 100th Infantry Battalion is the most decorated unit in US military history for its size and length of service. 
522nd Field Artillery Battalion Part of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, it provided artillery for the frontline, using 105mm howitzers. Activated with the 442nd at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, on February 7, 1943, the 522nd has the distinction of liberating survivors of a death march near Waarkirchen, Germany, in May 1945.
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