Defining Courage Exhibition

Defining Courage is a hands-on and participatory learning center in the heart of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo historic district. The exhibition explores the concept of courage through the lives of the young Japanese Americans of WWII, and asks modern visitors to act with similar courage in their own lives.


TRAVELING: Courage and Compassion: Our Shared Story of the Japanese American WWII Experience

From July of 2017 to early 2020, GFBNEC launched its traveling exhibition entitled, Courage and Compassion: Our Shared Story of the Japanese American World War II Experience, in partnership with 10 communities across the United States and funded through a Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant.

Portraits of Courage: Photographs by Shane Sato

Portraits of Courage: Photographs by Shane Sato is a traveling exhibition featuring intimate color and black-and-white portraits that capture the essence and character of Japanese American WWII soldiers, and reflect each veteran’s story of commitment, duty and patriotism.

ONLINE: On the Front Lines of Health: Japanese American Health Care Workers During WWII

During WWII, Japanese American men and women served and protected the health of their fellow Americans in the military as doctors, nurses and medics.

PAST EXHIBITION: Called to Serve: Japanese American Women in the US Military During WWII

7.19.2019 – 10.13.2019

PAST: Fire for Effect: Journey of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion

6.7.2019 – 8.25.2019

PAST: H.R.442: Nisei Veterans and the Fight for Civil Liberties

8.4.2018 – 9.16.2018

PAST: Nikkei Samurai: Japanese Swords and the Military Intelligence Service

7.24.2018 – 8.26.2018

PAST: Portraits of Courage: Photographs by Shane Sato

5.3.2018 – 6.10.2018

PAST: Nikkei Samurai: Japanese Swords and the Nisei Veteran

8.15.2017 – 9.17.2017

Funded by the Aratani Foundation, Portraits of Courage debuted in May 2018 at GFBNEC’s exhibition space in Los Angeles. The twelve large portraits within the exhibition are designed to travel and tell the story of the brave Japanese Americans veterans of WWII.

These Americans of Japanese ancestry came from remote prison camps or the plantations of Hawai’i to fight for their county. Taken over eighteen years, Sato’s intimate portraits chronicle the heroes of the most highly decorated military unit in American history and offer a rare glimpse into each veteran’s personal story.


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Student Contest

Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) supports the legacy of Japanese American WWII veterans who served their country at a time when the United States denied their civil rights. Join us in advocating for civil liberties and equality, the cornerstone of our American democracy, by entering our 2021 contest.
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