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The Hanashi (“to talk” in Japanese) Oral History Collection contains over 1,200 audiovisual interviews with Japanese Americans WWII veterans, along with their contemporaries of WWII and the Japanese American experience.

These incredible interviews document the lives and experiences of our Nisei (second-generation Japanese American) veterans of WWIII and give audiences a glimpse into their experiences before, during and after the war. The level of detail and insight these interviews provide is unmatched, making them a valuable resource for both educational purposes and for authors, filmmakers and historians. 

The Collection provides an opportunity for a historically underrepresented group to tell their story to both contemporary audiences and generations to come.

GFBNEC is proud to host our Hanashi Oral History Collection through the Japanese American Military History Collective, a partnership with the Japanese American Service Committee, Military Intelligence Service Veterans Club of Hawai’i and Nisei Veterans Memorial Center. 

For any questions regarding use or licensing of content from the interviews, email [email protected]

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