Term Definition
Gaman Japanese word which means to endure, persist, or persevere; to do one’s best in times of frustration and adversity. 
General Commissioned officer that is technically the second most senior rank in the US Army. Responsible for major areas of command. Also a four-star general, ranking above a Lieutenant General and below a General of the Army or five-star general.
Gentlemen’s Agreement 1908 agreement between Japan and the United States that halted Japanese labor immigration to the US. 
Giri Japanese word referring to the contractual or moral obligations one incurs as a direct result of the acceptance of favors, gifts, goods or services from another. It is not contracted between parents and children, but rather between relative equals.  
“Go For Broke” Hawaiian Pidgin English phrase used in dice games to mean to “shoot the works,” or to risk everything in one grand effort to win big. The phrase served as the motto of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. 
Gosei Fifth-generation Japanese Americans 
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