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Term Definition
Haji Japanese term meaning shame or embarrassment.
Hakujin Japanese term designating a person of European descent. Literally meaning “white person,” hakujin is a relatively value-neutral term that is still widely used by Japanese Americans. 
Hanashi Japanese term meaning “to talk” or “a story.” Also the name of Go For Broke National Education Center’s oral history program.
Haole Hawaiian Pidgin English term used to refer to all Caucasians, especially those from the mainland United States. 
Hapa Hawaiian Pidgin English term meaning mixed race; derived from the Hawaiian word hapalua, or “half.” Typically, in the Nikkei community, hapa denotes someone who is of Japanese and Caucasian ancestry. 
Hawaii National Guard Also, the Hawaii Army National Guard. The heir to the Hawaii Territorial Guard (HTG). A component of the US Army and the US National Guard; US military force that can be mobilized in national emergencies or as needed and can serve in a state status.
Hawaii Territorial Guard (HTG) The precursor of the Hawaii National Guard, the HTG was mobilized by Hawaii’s governor Joseph B. Poindexter immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor and assigned to guard key civilian locations throughout the territory. The core group consisted of the University of Hawaii’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), with the remaining guardsmen from high school ROTC units and other individuals.
Heigo Japanese term regarding military tactics and terminology. The Military Intelligence Service Language School stressed heigo more than general Japanese in its coursework.  
Howitzer A relatively short-barreled cannon employed for firing shells using a high trajectory.
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