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OccupationThe holding and control of an area by a foreign military force.
Office of Strategic Services (OSS)The precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, OSS was a US government agency set up in June 1942 to engage in strategic intelligence and clandestine operations, particularly overseas. One of the offices was stationed in Calcutta, India, during World War II.
Office of War Information (OWI)OWI was established in June 1942 to encourage American support for the war effort and for psychological warfare. An office was stationed in Burma (also known as Myanmar) during World War II.
OnJapanese term that refers to the social and psychological obligations and debt that one acquires as the result of receiving from another a favor or gift of extraordinary significance. On is so profound that it can never be completely repaid in one’s lifetime.
OperationThe process of carrying on combat, including the movement, supply, attack, defense, and maneuvers needed to gain the objectives of any battle or campaign.
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