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Term Definition
Sansei Third-generation Japanese Americans.
Sergeant In the US Army or Marine Corps, the rank of a non-commissioned officer immediately above Corporal.
Service Battery Tactical and administrative artillery unit providing logistic support of fleet operations.
Shikata ga nai Japanese phrase meaning, “It cannot be helped,” and “It must be done.” At once an expression of resignation and perseverance in the face of difficult or trying situations that are painful but inevitable.
Silver Star Also, Silver Star Medal. A military decoration awarded to a member of the US Armed Forces who distinguishes himself or herself by gallantry in action. The third-highest Army combat decoration.
Soldier Someone who serves in the Army or other military service. Ranked below a commissioned officer.
Squad Smallest military tactical unit composed of 8-16 enlisted men. Typically led by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant. Identified within a platoon as 1st, 2nd or 3rd squad.
Staff Sergeant A non-commissioned officer in the US Army, ranking above Sergeant and below Sergeant First Class.
Surrender To give up completely or to yield to another person or force.
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